Vol XV #202 – Leland, Somewhere Under a Rainbow

The day began with big waves splashing over the breakwall along with BB sized hale.  A rainbow graced the western sky as a lonely surfer fought the wind, waves and rain. In the early afternoon occasional pockets of blue opened up, what can you say other than it’s an eclectic weather day.       

Vol XV #201 – Looking For Color in all the Right Places

  The morning began with incredible cloud formations to the east over Lake Leelanau.  The ever changing sky continued all day.  This weekend the “Peepers” should be rewarded with color that gets better as the day gets longer.  

Vol XV #200 – Leland Skyline

The day began with “clearing in the west” and by noon another spectacular Leelanau Day.   Today’s only downside was that I lost a lens out of my glasses somewhere around Van’s Beach.  Driving home after our morning walk, I couldn’t figure out why my right eye wasn’t focusing.  Duh!, how can you not know when your lens falls out.  … Read more »

Vol XV #199 – Hold Your Hats, Wind Gusting to 31 MPH

A lot of parking spaces available in town this afternoon.  Gale force winds make outdoor activities not much fun unless you’re surfing or kite boarding.  Color is developing rapidly in the areas with a lot of maples.  This coming weekend should be nice to color tour.    

Vol XV #197 – A Summer Day in October

  Today was as middle of summer as you could get. A top down day with parking spaces at a premium.  Lots of folks in Fishtown.  A real keeper, but… this mornings weather forecast (Weather Channel) claims that snow will fall east of Grand Traverse Bay excluding Leelanau County 7 or 8 days from now as well as the upper… Read more »

Vol XV #195 – A Beautiful Morning to Go Surfing in the Land of Delight

A brisk wind out of the Northwest was just right for about 10 surfers just after sunrise.  I waited for near 15 minutes for someone to ride a wave and decided to leave.  I was checking out Facebook when a couple of surfers stood up and I captured the moment with my IPhone.  The telephoto was taken with my Nikon…. Read more »