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Vol XVII – #303 – Meggen’s Monday

  On a quiet Monday morning, plenty of activity in this part of the county: tree removal in Leland and a yurt under construction in Lake Leelanau. I’ve been fascinated by yurts ever since visiting Mongolia a decade ago – they go up relatively quickly and are sturdy and surprisingly spacious. Weather-wise, we have the return of “real winter” temps… Read more »

Vol XVII – #302 – 57 Years Ago… Seems Like Yesterday

  Saturday, January 28th, 1961, a beautiful sunshine day, We were married in St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Riverside, IL.  On our honeymoon we flew to Zurich, Switzerland and on to Davos for a weeks skiing, then Lech, Austria for another. Took the Orient Express to Vienna, which was still  bombed out from WW2. We flew to Paris, France for our last week…. Read more »

Vol XVII – #297 – Not the Best Day to Take Pictures

h Woke up this morning to power outages and school closings due to overnight icy conditions.  Leelanau County was spared the outages.  Thursday and Friday, temperature to return to upper 30’s and 40’s.       .    

Vol XVII – #296 – Meggen’s Monday

Today we have snow, or possibly rain washing away snow. It’s a study of “hard water” meets the liquid form. Over the weekend, one of our neighbors commented on a preference for temps in the teens and twenties throughout the winter. We smiled in agreement.      .