Vol XVII – #013 – A Foggy Drizzly Day

Report #5848 Photo: LR_4-11-17

LR 04-11-2017

6:00 am ~ 36° ~ Drizzle ~ Northeast at 8 mph ~ Humidity: 94%   

Sunrise is at 7:06 am ~ Ave. Low is 31° ~ Record Low is  16° (1973)

 2:30 pm  ~ 36° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: West at 10 mph ~ Humidity: 94%

Sunset is at 8:23 pm ~ Ave. High is 52° ~ Record High is 81° (1945)

 Moonphase: Waning Gibbous ~ Pressure: 30.10 in ~ Dew Point: 36° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles

Daylight: 13 Hrs 16 Mns

Forecast for 4/12/17- Some Sun – High: 45° – Low: 35°


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The Dredge School in progress.




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Jeff on Paw Paw

Much math involved in Dredge School? I could do it if there wasn’t too much math.


I have wondered why the dredged sand is piped over to the south of the harbor, since it seems that is where the sand comes from. I would think that the sand would be better utilized by North Beach if the dredged sand were to be pumped north of the breakwall. I would think that once on the north side of the harbor, sand would not migrate south to clog the harbor. I know nothing of dredging, obviously!

Jim Burnham

At one time, the north end of the harbor was open to the lake. This allowed the harbor to flush itself out. There was a past dredging operation that deposited sand north of the harbor and now it’s closed in. Not that dredging to the north caused that, but it probably contributed to it. Dredging to the south is the most convenient. The sand will probably return, but I’m sure they are ready for it now and can handle it much earlier in the season.


I like “The Dredge Report!”

Dick, in Rankin

Great depictions of a foggy day.
The pipe takes away from #2, though.