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Vol XXII – #21 – Puffy White Cloud Day

It’s really been an unseasonably cold Summer so far. It doesn’t feel like it broke 74 from the time I was in the Art Shanty to today, but the last three days were spectacular. The first photo is one of my favorite vistas on Pertner Rd and Macksey. With the perfect blend of orchard and farm, all I have to… Read more »

Vol XXII – #20 – Happy 4th

Happy 4th of July! The lake was peppered with boats last night for the fireworks in Hancock Field. We started the day by taking a bike ride around the lake before I went down for my last day at the Art Shanty. I’ll be back next year. Thank you for everyone who came down to visit, it was nice to… Read more »

Vol XXI – #22 – Happy 4th of July

Above are photos from 4th of Julys past. The top is one Christy Edwards captured as Keith was walking up and down the parade route in 2015. The one above was taken by Keith the same day. A lot has changed in a year. No parade or fireworks this year, but things look good for next year. Biscuit the statue… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #95 – Happy 4th of July

Beautiful night last night for fireworks in Leland. The lake looked like a city as everyone come out near Brady’s Point to watch the show. Since you really can’t take decent long exposures with a tripod on a boat, I went full random as usual with every explosion. I always get a few that are notable. It was also a… Read more »