Vol XIX – #154 – Windy and Chilly but Sunny and That’s OK

Report #3654 Photo: LR_9-4-19
 JB92182 LR190904

From today: How many blues can you spot?

 JB91974 LR190903Report by Jim

A mixture of images from today (first image) the squall yesterday (2 – 4). I saw it coming over the Manitous on radar and was on the harbor dock when it came in. These are the last two shots before I had to run!

 JB91975 LR190903

But as it cleared, this is what was on the other side.

 JB92066 LR190903

This is the length property owners South of Leland are going to get to the “beach”  JB92224 LR190904

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Paul Kahn
4 years ago

Wow….Great photos!

Catryna Loos
Catryna Loos
4 years ago

Great photos and 7 blues???