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Vol XIX – #155 – What’s the Point

Report by Jim It’s been a couple of decades since I walked down the trail from the Pyramid Point Overlook down to the bowls. When I was a kid, people used to hang glide off the overlook. Now it’s a bit easier with parasailing. The wind was brisk up the side of the dune and provides needed uplift. Unfortunately for… Read more »

Vol XIX – #154 – Windy and Chilly but Sunny and That’s OK

Report by Jim A mixture of images from today (first image) the squall yesterday (2 – 4). I saw it coming over the Manitous on radar and was on the harbor dock when it came in. These are the last two shots before I had to run! But as it cleared, this is what was on the other side. This… Read more »

Vol XIX – #153 – May the Gale Force Be With You

Report by Jim Gale warning today! Parts of Fishtown were under water, but it had subsided by the time I got there. Go to http://fishtownmi.org if you want to help with the effort to repair the damage from this year’s record water level. From there, I walked up North Beach to the “no-go” zone. Above is a very natural approach… Read more »

Vol XIX – #152 – Meggen’s Monday

Labor Day, 2019: May you continue to enjoy the banner weekend that we are having in this area! Mother Nature put on a spectacular display of northern lights both Friday and Saturday nights. I went out Saturday and spent hours I’m usually asleep, driving from place to north-facing place. The aurora really improved around 3 am Sunday morning, becoming visible… Read more »

Vol XV #107 – Meggen’s Monday

  This weekend reminded me of a verse from the theme song so many sing with great joy: “… carefree days, starlit nights, cherry blossoms, northern lights… the afterglow when the sun has set, these are things I’ll never forget…” Venus and Jupiter showed brightly in the afterglow following Friday’s sunset. Later that evening, the aurora showed up.