Vol XV #330 – Things People Can Do On a Nice Sunday

A mostly cloudy day with some here and there sunshine.  Below, the inset shows how different the beach is contrasted with a year ago, yet this winter is just as wintery as last year.  Certainly, rock collecting wasn’t an option.  

Vol XV #329 – Things You Can Do On Saturday

A beautiful sunrise this morning was a pleasant greeting to what has become a very nice day.  The clouds probably have been the most interesting.  Ice has been the most challenging.  Rain last night melted the snow layer on the path to South Beach leaving it solid ice and sent me home.  The warmer temperatures are melting the snow, which makes… Read more »

Vol XV #328 – Emerald Green Splender

  The Emerald Green Big Blue!  Cloudy, but a nice morning to reflect on how wonderful it is to be here in the Land of Delight.  At the moment the temperature is around 50 degrees with gusts of wind around 40 or more mph.  The sun came to visit for an hour or so and the snow is melting.  I find… Read more »

Vol XV #327 – Fishtown Watercolor

The sun rises, you can see it…  and Leland becomes a “Watercolor World”.  Of course the clouds moved back in and we returned to normal. The Leland Report Book is going to happen! 120 Pages of photos from the last 15 years, some never seen before on the Leland Report. With a foreword by Susan Ager and stories from Sandra Serra… Read more »

Vol XV #326 – They Say Sunshine… Maybe

Nothing much happening around town today.  The weather people say that there will be sunshine… someplace, but not here yet.  In fact, at the moment there are snowflakes in the air.  In the forecast… warming for a couple of days with possible rain drops. And then, of course, falling temperatures. The Leland Report Book is going to happen! 120 Pages… Read more »

Vol XV #325 – It’s Snowing, but not Blowing

A cloudy day with occasional snow.  what’s nice is that there isn’t a 30 mph wind along with it.  The HDTV weather people say we are to have a heat wave for the next 4 or so days.  The average high for today is 31 degrees and the forecast is for it to sky rocket to upper 30’s by Friday reaching an… Read more »

Vol XV #324 – Meggen’s Monday

Happy President’s Day! We have snow flurries again on Monday, obscuring what was a beautiful blue sky yesterday. Ice boats raced about on the south end of Lake Leelanau. The wind chill out on the lake was considerable, but it looked like the sailors were having fun. Here are more glimpses of the vibrant colors that pop when the sun… Read more »

Vol XV #322 – It’s A Real Winter Day

D No doubt about it…  It’s a real winter day.  Visibility zero at times on the road and only one car without headlights.  Two degrees at get-up is the coldest so far this season, the record low is 10 below.  Not many people out today. The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow Gauge contest is closed. We had a total of 47 entries. We… Read more »