Vol XVI – #121 – Cloudy Days Happen and Then Sunshine

Not often, but it does get cloudy every once in awhile in July.  I put the Safari top on for the second time this summer, first time late April.  By the way, it’s not an easy task because it’s about an quarter of an inch not wide enough. Blue sky moved in around noon and I really didn’t need a top on. A… Read more »

Vol XVI – #120 – A Perfect Day to Go to the Beach

  And another one of those nice July days.  Great day for having fun in the sun.  I spent just enough time on the beach to take a picture, which wasn’t easy as I just returned from having my eyes checked and was still under the influence of my eyes being dilated.  Below, Jack O’Malley, Jack’s Journal, interviewing me at the… Read more »

Vol XVI – #119 – A Lot with a Lot of View

Another one of those nice July days.  Great day for no top, and I say that because it wont be long and I’ll be putting the lid back on.  Looking for something for the Leland Report to report about, I headed north on 22  and decided to check out a road to a subdivision I hadn’t been on for 10 years.  A… Read more »

Vol XVI – #117 – Chicago to Mac… Passing Through

  A cloudy and on the warm and humid side get-up.  Thunderstorms south of us causing a lot turmoil with the Mac Race overnight.  Best I could muster up with my telephoto lens is the picture below.  Clouds ruled most of the day with spurts of sunshine here and there. Town was really crowded.       

Vol XVI – #116 – A 5K Saturday

What a great day it turned out to be for whatever you wanted to do, especially running a 5K race.  Congratulations to Nick Amato, winner.   One of the DeVos family cruisers above, anchored out in front of Sleeping Bear Point.   Van’s Beach looking like a picture postcard.  Forecast for tomorrow… scattered thunderstorms.      

Vol XVI – #115 – A Fishtown Friday

Fishtown is a busy place this afternoon in preparation of the 5K race tomorrow.  Tonight the Old Art Building is hosting the 24th Art Leelanau, featuring over 100 artists.