Vol XVI – #130 – Book Signing and Bar-B-Cruise Day

Report by Jim. Busy day (that’s why this report is late), but a beautiful day and night for another Leland Yacht Club Bar-B-Cruise. The sunsets this week have not disappointed. Thanks to Amanda and Daniel for hosting our first Fishtown book signing! Go to fishtownmi.org and buy a raffle ticket for next weekend’s drawing. Win one of Keith’s framed Leland… Read more »

Vol XVI – #129 – Great to Be Here

  Today’s report is by Jim. Even when it’s dark, the color of the sunset lingers. Most people leave, but I stay because a camera, with a long exposure set, can capture color that is not visible to the eye. It smooths out waves, draws out clouds and simplifies chaos. It doesn’t matter when you’re there, this is Happy Hour… Read more »

Vol XVI – #128 – What Can You Say…?

  Except that it’s a very nice day.  Reminder: Keith and Jim will be down in Fishtown from 2-5pm on Saturday 8/6 to sell and sign books. $1 from every sale of the book goes to the Fishtown Preservation Society. That’s not just today, that’s ongoing. Come on down! Meggen Watt Petersen and Sandra Serra Bradshaw will also be there.      

Vol XVI – #127 – One of Those Days

One of those days that’s just like so many of the other days… On the warm side with clear skies and light wind off Big Blue. The old courthouse and jail property has been cleaned up and is ready for a development.  Eight nice sized lots for sale.  Not sure, but I remember that the original proposal had 17 or 18… Read more »

Vol XVI – #126 – Sunflowers Galore – Jaw Dropping Beauty

A mile west of Suttons Bay, a beautiful sight.  I wasn’t alone taking pictures of this field of sunflowers, cars were pulling over all the time I was there.  I was invited to drive into the yard.  Fishtown has been my usual destination, but today was just too crowded.  In fact traffic was coming in from the south bumper to… Read more »

Vol XVI – #125 – Meggen’s Monday

  Such beautiful surroundings! August begins exactly as one would hope: sunny, clear skies, mild temps, lots of great activity in town and on the water.            

Vol XVI – #121 – Cloudy Days Happen and Then Sunshine

Not often, but it does get cloudy every once in awhile in July.  I put the Safari top on for the second time this summer, first time late April.  By the way, it’s not an easy task because it’s about an quarter of an inch not wide enough. Blue sky moved in around noon and I really didn’t need a top on. A… Read more »