Vol XV # 346 – A Nice Tuesday

Today’s pictures are revisits to familiar places with nice cloud formations.  What is special about today is the temperature which is 66 degrees.  The snow which has dominated our landscape is disappearing rapidly.  The downside: One of the better iceboating seasons coming to an end, berging probably not an event as well as any activity associated with snow and ice. One year… Read more »

Vol XV # 345 – Meggen’s Monday

Today’s photographs are from a couple of hikes taken over the weekend in our nearby national lakeshore. The melting snow made patterns all over the dunes. It was still chilly enough that it probably wasn’t melting very fast while we were out there.          

Vol XV # 344 – Chasing Cloud Formations

Cloudy skies at get-up, a rather depressing looking morning.  In general our winter sky is cloudy or overcast and lake effect something.  Winter 2016 has been more cloudy due to Big Blue not icing over.  It can be sunny in Green Bay and with westerly winds, snowing here.  The point here being…  when I see outstanding cloud formations, I search for… Read more »

Vol XV # 343 – A Calm Big Blue and Warmer Too

Woke up to the forecasted 1 to 2 inches of overnight snow as well as an overcast sky.  The early morning still had a few flakes in the air.  At noon the sky began to blue along with the rising temperatures.  The ice boats at Nedow’s Bay were all parked with no pilots or wind to sail with.  Met one… Read more »

Vol XV # 342 – Blue Sky and Puffy White Clouds

Still a little nippy, but a blue sky and puffy white clouds make that nippy feel not bad at all. This is especially true when the wind is one mile per hour out of the southwest.  The icy and hard crested snow is melting away making it a little easier to navigate the rough terrain. Total ice cover on the entire… Read more »

Vol XV # 341 – The Land of Delight

It was obvious this morning that today was going to be a great one.  The sky was the messenger and indeed it is a great day.  Looking back to 2003 on this date it was -19 degrees, 2009 it was -4 degrees and 159 total inches of snow, in 2012 17 inches of heavy wet snow fell and the next three days… Read more »

Vol XV # 340 – It’s Going to Be a Nice Day

Our first stop in the morning is Fishtown and next… Van’s Beach.  This is the reason you see the picture above so often.  We started out our day with a dark cloudy sky and occasional flurries.  Looking at the horizon to the west, there is some clearing.    This afternoon patches of blue started to show through and it looks like it… Read more »

Vol XV # 339 – No Blowing, Just Snowing

Looking at the above pictures of South Beach is significant because I haven’t had access to the shoreline due to the height of the wall since early winter.  With the lack of snow on the beach there has been a lot of traffic including the rock collectors and dog walkers.  But I discovered this morning, stairs created by all the… Read more »

Vol XV # 338 – Meggen’s Monday

Leap day is here! Do something fun today. We awoke to another 2″ of wet, heavy snow. The “warm” temps of yesterday dropped below freezing, with wind out of a northerly direction. By afternoon, however, we are seeing bright sun against that snow! I’m adding a few more photos from the Joy’s return trip to Leland. Plus, if you would… Read more »

Vol XV # 337 – Home Again

Wow, record high for today was 47 degrees in 1983 and at the moment it is 50 degrees. We were gifted with partial sunshine earlier and it is a nice day so far, but my “Dark Sky” app just informed me that drizzle will be starting in 20 minutes along with light snow (0 – 1 inch) from 6 pm to… Read more »