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Vol XVII – #350 – Sunday Berging

.Spring is just 2 days away. It’s a beautiful day in our neighborhood. I messed up today.  Before noon I drove to Leland and took the picture above of the “Berging” crew sawing the ‘berg” and returned back to town at 1:10 to take the photo below thinking it was the same group that I saw cutting the ice. I have no idea who is… Read more »

Vol XVII – #346 – Nice, But It’s Not Spring Yet

  A video taken of the “berging” on Sunday has been viewed 26.2K times so far… Wow! Again!! The “bergers” were a group from Traverse City and celebrated the cruise at the Bluebird. The ice as said to be 5 to 6 inches thick and was falling apart as they made their way.                … Read more »

Vol XVII – #345 – Another Winter Day Waiting For Spring

A video taken of the “berging” on Sunday has been viewed 18.4K times so far… Wow!  I would like to know who and where the “berging” crew were from. The sun is trying to take over and the less than a inch of new snow is melting.                     

Vol XVII – #343 – “Berging” Down the River On a Sunday Afternoon

  I thought earlier that today would be a perfect “berging” day and as Biscuit and I cruised through Leland we saw a group of people carrying chairs and stuff out onto the ice at the entrance to the river. We went home and returned an hour later and yes they were “berging”.  We took the cone off Biscuit too… Read more »