Vol XVII – #353 – Throwback

Report #6153 Photo: LR_03-21-2018

Photo by Erhardt Peters

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Vol XVII - #352 - First Day of Spring
Vol XVII - #354 - Moving Forward With the Plan

Photo by Erhardt Peters

(Report by Jim Burnham)
arkening back to the Winters of yesteryear (close to 100 years ago now), our intrepid fishermen work their tug through the iced up waters outside the old entry into the river (below). They fished until it was impossible to get the boats out into Lake Michigan and sometimes the boats would get stuck in the ice. With crew on each side of the boat, they would rock boats free. This took a huge amount of skillful bravery and explains one use for the rails you find atop the cabins on these boats. The second shot is of Fishtown looking from the road through what was a park until the Leland Harbor was constructed in the 60’s. In the Winter, things really don’t look too different from 100 years ago, do they? Both these photos are part of the Leelanau Historical Museum collection of 834 Erhardt Peters negatives and prints that we helped secure using generous donations from Leland Report subscribers. And that was in 2003, before Facebook, GoFundMe and IndeGogo!

Old Fishtown Outlet11 Boat Arriving

Photo by Erhardt Peters

Also, you might have noticed more images being posted to Facebook to our Instagram Album. These are photos I am putting up every other day on our IG account @theLelandReport. These are images taken from our archive of over 70,000 photos taken since 2001. If you are on Instagram, follow @theLelandReport for Leelanau shots and me on @BurnhamArts for much more!



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Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
3 years ago

Love these old pictures, a glimpse of other days. Thanks for sharing Jim, and Mr. B too!

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
3 years ago

Imagine what Mr.Peters could do with today’s technology!

jim in Ada
3 years ago

Wow, when men were men ! Thanks for sharing, Jim !