Vol XVIII – #19 – The Winter Storm Warning is Over – I Hope

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LR 04-17-2018


Vol XVIII - #18 - Meggen's Snow Day
Vol XVIII - #20 - Wishful Thinking


These past 4 days have been the a real challenge both physically and mentally.  I have always prided myself for being able to keep up with the totals and keep clear paths. At age 85, I’ve found that I’m not physically able to meet that challenge.  The fact that this winter storm has happened in mid April is mind boggling. I’ve never experienced a snow storm of this size this late in the season.

Biscuit hasn’t been featured because we haven’t been able get out for a romp.





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7 Comments on "Vol XVIII – #19 – The Winter Storm Warning is Over – I Hope"

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Hey take it easy…it will be better soon..no reason to take unnecessary risks!!!

Judy in Grand Blanc

It’s ok to stay inside Mr. B. I am doing much the same and I am a little younger! It’s enough to make a person crazy in the noggin! 🙂

Shirley Fredrickson Ches
Shirley Fredrickson Ches

I’ll look forward to a later picture of that lovely bldg. at the top of today’s page – – taken in warmer weather! Stay inside, stay warm, hug on that beautiful dog, and one of these days it will REALLY be SPRING and you and Biscuit can enjoy outside romps again!

Harry P

So while Punxsutawney Phil did indeed see his shadow ten weeks ago, it’s safe to say he hasn’t a clue how long six weeks lasts. Hang in there, Keith. Spring snows melt fast and will do the shoveling for you.

Jane VeVea

I feel your pain – we had 17-22 inches of snow in Minneapolis this weekend. This is not spring! We have had the snowiest April ever on record. Not a record I ever want to see again!!!

Dick, in Rankin

It’s not against the rules to have pix pf Biscuit indoors, is it?

John Frank

Yeah, Biscuit and his human companion!