Vol XVIII – #18 – Meggen’s Snow Day

Report #6179 Photo:


TLR-20180416-along M22 April Snow-5775

Somewhere along M-22


Vol XVIII - #17 - Winter Snow Mix All Day
Vol XVIII - #19 - The Winter Storm Warning is Over - I Hope

TLR-20180416-icicles Along M22 April Snow-5777

Somewhere along M-22 there is at least one person who has traveled to Florida (or someplace equally balmy) recently… and remembers with a sigh, how delightful t-shirt and shorts were. Meanwhile, nearly every school in the area has canceled classes for today. If you need to be out on the roads in Leelanau/Grand Traverse, please drive slowly and be safe!





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John Frank
John Frank

Days like today make us more appreciative of warm sunny weather when it inevitably arrives.
Year ago I had a college friend who moved to Florida (from Laramie, Wyoming) and didn’t like it! He said he missed the changes of season.

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin

Yes, that looks like a snow day!!