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Vol XVIII – #119 – A Perfect Fishtown Day

Today is one of those days that the clouds rule the sky.   (Jim) I took a break today and drove over to Fudgie Beach to catch a Cumulus forming over Lake Leelanau. I heard this storm produced heavy rains and lightning in Traverse City. This is all we got, shame. ūüėȬ†  

Vol XVIII – #118 – Sailing Day

  A nice day for a sail with friends. Made it all the way to Robinsons Bay from the North end in an hour when the wind just decided to go somewhere else. Dead calm and a mile from home. Being close to sunset, we were running out of time to get back up to the North end when who… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #25 – Meggen’s Monday

It was a banner weekend up north!¬†Shipping traffic on the Manitou Passage is back. Ever wonder which ship or freighter or tug you’re seeing, way off in the distance? My go-to website for that info is ais.boatnerd.com. Have a great and sunny Monday.¬†¬†  

Vol XVIII – #20 – Wishful Thinking

There are no pretty pictures to take today and for that matter for the next month. The temperature is supposed to be in the upper 30’s and with all this snow on the ground I wonder how much it cools the air. Maybe we should have a contest to guess the date all the snow has melted.  

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