Vol XVIII – #28 – Throwback Thursday

Report #6189 Photo: 20180426_EP_0036
20180323 EPP0036

From the Leelanau Historical Museum Erhardt Peters Collection

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(Report by Jim)
Many of you saw the old photo of the Waterboy on Instagram and Facebook today. It was great that all below (except the mysterious woman in the white scarf) were identified! I thought I would go back in time and pull out another Erhardt Peters photo. This one reminded me of the one we have in our book (The Leland Report, 15 Years in the Leelanau Peninsula Get it here!). If anyone knows who this person on Van’s Beach is, let me know. Stephanie Schlatter says it was not her, and that was my last (and only) guess. If you don’t know Stephanie, she is one of Leelanau County’s many talented artists and has graced the Wine Festival poster more than once. Coincidentally, Stephanie is currently doing some plein air painting in Santa Fe, New Mexico after returning from a class in Florence, Italy. You can check out her adventures at https://stephanieschlatterart.com/blog/

The Snow Gauge Contest is pretty much a lock now as far as I can tell. What a surprise in the last few weeks, where even I wouldn’t have guessed it would rival the snow levels of 2015. I will be in Leland all next week and will be announcing the winners LIVE with Leif Sporck at one of his studios on May 1. When I know, I will give everyone a better idea of what time. We will do it over Facebook live and publish it here as well.


Joanie Workum on the left, then Jim Pendergast standing, Paula Gits in the red scarf, then David Workum standing on the transom, then Bitsy Pendergast on the right. Mystery woman in the white scarf.

201804216 IMG 7492



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Jeff in Paw Paw
Jeff in Paw Paw
6 years ago

I’m a sucker for old pictures. Love em. Thanks for sharing!

Nicki Steel
Nicki Steel
6 years ago

Since it looks like a race committee and she often wore a scarf like that I wonder if it is my mother, Mim Steel. It does look like her.

Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
6 years ago

Such fun! Great pics!