Vol XVIII – #8 – Snow Gauge Updated to 208!

Report #6169 Photo: 20180406_JFB_20180329_074904


20180323 20180329 074904
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(Report by Jim)
Is this the end of the snow? Who knows? Snow gauge is now sitting at 208″ for the season based on the Leif Sporck’s exacting measurements. There are only 10 people left who guessed higher than 208 in the contest.

The photo above is by Keith down at Nedows Bay. The forecast does not show any significant snow at all, but you never know with lake effect. Temperatures will be in the 30’s – 40’s over the next couple weeks. Next weekend will be in the 60’s down in Illinois where I am, but it’s still cold down here, too.

The main photo at the top is from last weekend when I was out there on the ice. There were so many nice shots from that weekend, I had to share more. The one below was the setup shot from one of our recent Instagram posts. 

20180323 20180330 200337

I added this for Dick in Rankin. This is the photo I took with the main shot above.20180406 JF7 6830



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5 years ago

I entered a guess at snow level but can’t remember how much..do you have a record of everyone’s???

Dick, in Rankin
5 years ago

Maybe, it’s just me, but the camera in the last pic is a distraction from an otherwise beautiful shot.

Dick, in Rankin
5 years ago
Reply to  Jim Burnham

Makes sense.

John Frank
John Frank
5 years ago

Yeah, Dick, it’s just you 🙂 🙂 :-). (No offence intended.) I like take a second camera along just to record the setup; years later it’s nice to know what tripod and other paraphernalia (chair? umbrella? jacket?) I used in a particular outing; my memory is of decreasing reliability! And of course the pictures taken with the main camera don’t have that distraction.

Dick, in Rankin
5 years ago
Reply to  John Frank

Never thought of it that way.
That also makes sense.