Vol XVIII – #315 – More From Erhardt Peters

Report #3474 Photo: LR_2-22-2019

EPP0025 LR040613
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(Report by Jim while Keith is recuperating.)

I like to pull out the photo above as a reminder of what it was like to drive in the Winter circa 1910-20. Clearing that amount of snow off M22 is not easy these days, so what a herculean effort it was back then! And the photo below probably could have been taken yesterday!

Be careful on the lake ice. Do not go out alone and stay off the mounds! These usually are not solid and only cones of ice that you could fall through. A boy fell through over in Racine this week. He was rescued because he was with another person and they were able to get help. He was very lucky.

EPP0081 LR040614

For everyone wondering what is happening with the snow gauge contest, we will be announcing a continuation soon.

Please continue to send us images from wherever you are in the Michigans. We can always use them. And don’t forget about Follower Friday on Instagram. Just tag your photos with #thelelandreport
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3 years ago

Very nice historical photos. Thanks.

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
3 years ago

Even his monochromes were outstanding!