Vol XXII – #12- Fishtown to Alligator Hill

8:04 am5:02 pm EST
Feels like: 14°F
Wind: 16mph WSW
Humidity: 73%
Pressure: 30.2"Hg
UV index: 0

 Two for one today. Clouds parted for a nice sunny day yesterday, however cold with gale force winds. The Joy is in the water and it looks like the new and higher dock is complete. Today we took a hike over to Alligator Hill which is still healing from the microburst many years ago. Today started out cold, cloudy, and snowing, but we got a little blue sky when we returned to the Lake Michigan overlook.

I will be at the Art Shanty again this year in Fishtown from 6/28-7/4

Thanks to everyone who has supported our project throughout the years. We all know how special and “one-of-a-kind” this area is and we have enjoyed bringing out that uniqueness in our images. Love to you all! -Keith and Jim

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Bonnie Vredeveld
Bonnie Vredeveld
7 months ago

Love the pictures and to stay updated on the area as we spent about 50 yrs. RVing on LIttle Glen. One of a kind area. Thanks so much.

7 months ago

Beautiful photos! New Fishtown dock looks great. Happy Easter to all!

Shirley Ches
Shirley Ches
7 months ago

Happy Easter to all

Ruth Adams Linsmith
Ruth Adams Linsmith
7 months ago

Happy Easter to all Leland Burnhams!

Dick Huey
7 months ago

Have been a subscriber for a loooong time, and this always brightens my day. Thanks Keith and Jim.