Vol XXII – #12- Fishtown to Alligator Hill

Vol XXII - #11- One or the Other
Vol XXII - #13- Wildfire

6:11am9:07pm EDT
Feels like: 43°F
Wind: 5mph WSW
Humidity: 73%
Pressure: 29.93"Hg
UV index: 0

 Two for one today. Clouds parted for a nice sunny day yesterday, however cold with gale force winds. The Joy is in the water and it looks like the new and higher dock is complete. Today we took a hike over to Alligator Hill which is still healing from the microburst many years ago. Today started out cold, cloudy, and snowing, but we got a little blue sky when we returned to the Lake Michigan overlook.

I will be at the Art Shanty again this year in Fishtown from 6/28-7/4

Thanks to everyone who has supported our project throughout the years. We all know how special and “one-of-a-kind” this area is and we have enjoyed bringing out that uniqueness in our images. Love to you all! -Keith and Jim

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Bonnie Vredeveld
Bonnie Vredeveld
28 days ago

Love the pictures and to stay updated on the area as we spent about 50 yrs. RVing on LIttle Glen. One of a kind area. Thanks so much.

29 days ago

Beautiful photos! New Fishtown dock looks great. Happy Easter to all!

Shirley Ches
Shirley Ches
29 days ago

Happy Easter to all

Ruth Adams Linsmith
Ruth Adams Linsmith
29 days ago

Happy Easter to all Leland Burnhams!

Dick Huey
29 days ago

Have been a subscriber for a loooong time, and this always brightens my day. Thanks Keith and Jim.