Vol XXII – #54 – Stranded

Report #7074 Photo: LR-7-1-23


Seems like this kind of thing happens once every few years. I don’t know how this unlucky sailor got stranded on the shore in Good Harbor Bay, but extracting a boat this big is never an easy task. My friend Gwenn Stevenson sent me over to the Overheard in Leelanau Facebook page for the video of this group of good samaritans helping push, as a tug pulled the boat off the shore. She took the pic of the boat earlier today from her Kayak. I’d like to credit the author of the video that I pulled the screenshots from, but they posted as “Anonymous”. So, thank you Anonymous, for recording this event. And thank you Gwenn!



You’ve all been very good to us over the years, from helping secure a collection of Erhardt Peters negatives and prints, to supporting this website by buying prints and calendars. $3 of every $6 from the sale of this book will go toward this effort and you get more than just a good feeling, you might also get a laugh or two. The rest goes to printing and shipping costs. This will officially be my second book and go to the Library of Congress with the Leland Report Book.

To order, go to https://www.burnhamgraphicarts.com/pandemic

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