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Vol XV #123 – What Do You Do On a Day Like Today

  The morning began cloudy with a chance of drizzle and it did.  Fish like to bite when it drizzles and they did. By noon the clouds moved out and the sun took over and with it, a beautiful afternoon.  It’s great seeing these young anglers as they bring in the catch of the morning.    

Vol XV #115 – On a Day Like Today You Can Pass the Time Away

.  A word of caution to our local and summer folks, watch out for careless drivers of automobiles and bikes.  Especially the bikers who ride two feet inside the driving lane when they have 4 feet of shoulder.  With summer traffic heavy in both directions it doesn’t really seem very smart to make a statement about who owns the road. … Read more »

Vol XV #109 – View From the Bridge On a Leland Kind of Day

    Forty nine years ago I drew this cartoon as part of a show at the Bluebird. The caption mentions 65 bucks as the price of the room in 1966.  ,I looked up what 65 “1966 bucks” would be worth today calculated for inflation and it would be $479.76.   Current rates are $195 to $295 a night during the summer. The… Read more »

Vol XV #104 – Good Old Summertime

Another beautiful Leland day. Working with iconic Leelanau photographer Ken Scott, the Leelanau Conservancy has published a book of photos and essays about the lands that the Leelanau Conservancy has protected over the last 27 years. The 56-page book, titled “Why We Preserve” features 52 stunning color photographs and seven essays by a cache of writers including renowned chef Mario… Read more »

Vol XV #86 – Meggen’s Monday

The Monday morning haze is melting away to reveal another perfect Leelanau morning. T’storms predicted for this afternoon, however. (Last photo) Jim and family hiked up Empire Bluffs Trail right before the rain moved in. These wild lilies dot the steep hillside      

Vol XV #73 – What Kind of a Day Was It?

Biscuit and I stopped by to visit Greta at the Blue Boat Coffee Shop next door to Haystacks on Main Street. Blue Boat Coffee is a new coffee and tea bar, located in Leland, Michigan. They are passionate about educating their customers through specialty batch coffee brewing.    

Vol XV #61- Around the Bend

Leelanau Conservancy Working to Protect 700-Acre Hardwood Forest near Glen Lake: “A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity” The Leelanau Conservancy has signed an option to purchase 700 acres that straddles the GlenLake and GoodHarbor Baywatersheds, with acreage in both Glen Arbor and Cleveland Townships. The land, owned by Ki Corp., is the largest contiguous privately-owned tract of forested land… Read more »

Vol XV #55 – It Was That Kind of a Day

Vol XV #055 Report #5165 ~ Photo: LR5-22-15 On the cool side , but nevertheless a beautiful Spring day.  A large group loaded with camping gear headed out for the island.  The Village Green was busy with folks buying “wild flowers” to support the conservancy. Sad News Dept: We received the news that Dale Whalen passed away yesterday.  Our condolences… Read more »