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Vol XV #219 – Meggen’s Monday

Sunrise, sunset… a canopy of fall clouds makes a light-catching backdrop both just after sunset last night and just before (an earlier/more normal-feeling) sunrise this morning. Those who were driving anywhere just after 7 am were treated to an array of pinks.    

Vol XV #216 – A Nicer Day Than Yesterday

Indeed, a much nicer day than yesterday.  The 10 day forecast is calling for some pretty nice weather with the exception of tomorrows 90% chance of rain.  Still a lot of color, both in the trees and on the ground. Time change this weekend, I really don’t know why we have Daylight Savings Time.  Being at the west end of the… Read more »

Vol XV #215 – A Blustery Day

  A dark and windy beginning along with showers… ugh  Not so for Elijah Allen above.  I nearly got blown away by a gust of wind on Van’s Beach.  40 years ago, Oct. ’75, on a much nicer day than today I took the picture below.  Today it’s just an open field barren of structures. My apologies to Dave, I’m not focusing today

Vol XV #212 – Meggen’s Monday

  It’s grayer and cloudier today than it was yesterday, when I joined the many people out cruising M-22, taking in the richness of fall color. I traipsed up the Dune Climb, hoping to see more from that elevation. Along about that time, clouds rolled in. All told, the fall color of 2015 has been delightful, and perhaps continuing longer… Read more »

Vol XV #211 – Blue Sky, White Clouds and Peak Color

Today was probably the best day for color touring with the weather forecasting clouds and rain this week.  Blue sky with puffy white clouds showcased the peak colors.  Another factor, the leaves are falling fast with some trees already barren.  Our journey today took us to Empire by way of Glen arbor and back home on roads we have never travels… Read more »

Vol XV #184 – Meggen’s Monday

The super moon did, in fact, emerge from behind the cloud cover last night. I didn’t see the full eclipse, but caught it during the “second half.” We’ve been having a run of incredibly beautiful days, both with clear skies and otherwise… still thoroughly enjoyable. Later, the clouds began to obscure the moon again. Lake Leelanau, Sunday. Good Harbor Bay, Saturday…. Read more »