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Vol. XX – #254- From Up High

(Report by Jim) I read someone spotted a sunken sailboat in Nedows Bay so I headed out at lunch to see if I could find it with the drone, but no luck. I think it was a red herring! But it wasn’t a total loss as the frozen lake is sporting some cool abstract patterns. I saw some people skating… Read more »

Vol XVI – #278 – You Are My Sunshine

Sunshine… nice way to start the New Year.           The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow Gauge Contest has closed. Good luck to everyone who entered!  The 2017 Leland Report Calendar is now shipping! New low price!  Look for the Book and Calendar Bundle here:  http://www.artistasylum.com/specialty-items/e5b7837c1  

Vol XVI – #161 – Where Did Everybody Go?

A thunderstorm just roared through and the power went out.  The Generac kicked in and is doing it’s job for the past half hour..  What is interesting is that cable didn’t go off and the internet  is still with us.  The sun is now shinning. Anyway, Day after Labor Day and town is empty.