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Vol XVI – #321 – Meggen’s Monday

  A focus on the moon, the light it casts at night, and the beauty it shows by day.      A free 2017 Leland Report Calendar is now shipping with all book orders!  http://www.artistasylum.com/book/h7b12a9f3#h7b12a9f3  

Vol XV # 335 – Big Blue’s Island Alter

Overnight Big Blue throttled down a whole bunch of mph’s.  People who come down here to the shoreline often pause for a minute or two facing the islands and look like they are saying a few words before heading south. Below a group of ice boaters preparing for a great day on probably the best ice conditions in years.       … Read more »

Vol XV #324 – Meggen’s Monday

Happy President’s Day! We have snow flurries again on Monday, obscuring what was a beautiful blue sky yesterday. Ice boats raced about on the south end of Lake Leelanau. The wind chill out on the lake was considerable, but it looked like the sailors were having fun. Here are more glimpses of the vibrant colors that pop when the sun… Read more »

Vol XV #319 – The Wind… It’s the Wind

Again… the wind!   Last nights local TV weather forecasted 6 to 10 inches of snow, we received 1 inch.  The lake effect machine is in full throttle, but we happen the fall between the bands.  10 inches has been reported in various locations and I’m sure Suttons Bay is one of them.  The main picture taken this morning at Van’s… Read more »

Vol XV #318 – Lake Effect is On it’s Way

Again… the wind is dictating our “El Nino” winter weather.  And these ice boats are ready to take advantage of it before the snow falls.  We are under another “Winter Weather Warning” until Thursday at 10am.  I heard this morning that the ice on North Lake Leelanau is about 3 inches thick, which isn’t the best but, I’ve seen ice boats… Read more »

Vol XV #316 – Somewhere There’s Sunshine

  “Somewhere There’s Sunshine” was here awhile ago but just didn’t hang around for long.  43 degrees and a little sun melts snow.  The problem with melting is eventually it freezes and my pathway to the garage is ice.  My problem with this El Nino Winter is age related and deals with mobility.  I can navigate on solid ground but not… Read more »

Vol XV #315 – Where Ever Go… There’s Lots of Snow

Looking  back to one year ago today, the snow totals were 89 inches in Maple City and 113 in Suttons Bay.  The temperature was 30 degrees and the wind was out of the west at 10 mph.  The difference being that one year ago we had abundant sunshine.  You can check this out by clicking on  “Archive” above the small LR… Read more »