Vol XVII – #311 – Fishtown Winter

Report #6142 Photo: LR_02-06-2018

LR 02-06-2018

Focus Trek #14 is up!
Vol XVII - #312 - Gone Fishin, There's a Sign upon the Door


I want to wish my son James Burnham a Happy 50th Birthday. 

It has been so far, a real Winter this year, not the snowiest or coldest, just day after day Winter.  With the exception of 5 days that the temperature was above 35 and 40 that melted the first 2 months of snowfall, it has been cold and snowy.  We have had Winters where Big Blue was frozen over from here to Wisconsin and not so long ago a total snowfall of 260 inches. I’m sure my feelings are “age related”. 5 years ago I would climb through 2 feet of snow, today 2 inches is a challenge. The other factor is the wind out of the west that creates the “Lake Effect Machine” that produces a lot of snow. Now that I think about it, it really hasn’t been a bad Winter, just a lot of it. Maybe more sunshine would be nice.














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Harry P

Happy belated, Jim… and many, many more! I hear you, Keith. “it really hasn’t been a bad Winter, just a lot of it.”

Anchor Cottage Freshwater Decor
Anchor Cottage Freshwater Decor

Your photos are extra sharp, and the exposure is right on! What lenses are you using?

Judy in Grand Blanc

Pretty pictures just the same. I’m with you Mr. B, it would help if we had more sun.

John Frank

Happy Birthday, Jim. And while I’ve got the mic, thanks for your part in bringing The Leland Report.

Dick, in Rankin

Happy birthday, Jim.
Keith, your pix matched your words.


More sunshine would definitely be nice!! It seems that there is never enough of it in this part of the world in Winter!