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Vol XVII – #225 – Meditation Beach

  It happens every morning during the season, people come down to Van’s beach, stand and stare out into Big Blue for long periods of time… Morning meditation. Not every morning, but I too stare out over Big Blue. As I look out over the water I find myself engaged in thoughts about the many friends of ours that have passed… Read more »

Vol XVII – #224 – The Snow is Snowin, The Wind is Blowin

The original weather forecast this morning called for snow in the am, then ending.  It’s been snowing all day.     One Sunday morning a long time ago I got a call from Mary Clark to come over and photograph the General.  Leland has been the home of many war hero’s and General Mark Clark, WW 2 fame, one of the… Read more »

Vol XVII – #223 – The Beauty of a Lake Effect Day

  Biscuit and I were at Van’s Beach around 8:45 this morning, because this is where we are every morning at 8:45.  We really don’t envision the beauty of the view until we get to the top and usually it’s the sky. Every day is a new canvas.                          … Read more »

Vol XVII – #222 – Getting To Look A Lot Like You Know What

Biscuit and I were at Van’s Beach around 8:45 this morning, it was raining, the wind was blowing around 30 mph.  That was the better part of the day.  The forecast for Leland was 1 to 2 inches, Traverse City, 2 to 3 and we were headed for TVC. The roads to and from were clear and not much accumulation, it’s beginning… Read more »