Vol XVII – #225 – Meditation Beach

Report #6061 Photo: LR_11-12-2017


LR 11-12-2017



Vol XVII - #224 - The Snow is Snowin, The Wind is Blowin
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It happens every morning during the season, people come down to Van’s beach, stand and stare out into Big Blue for long periods of time… Morning meditation. Not every morning, but I too stare out over Big Blue. As I look out over the water I find myself engaged in thoughts about the many friends of ours that have passed these past 60 years.  I think about the dumb things I’ve done over the same period of time as well as some good. I’m sure I’m not alone with these thoughts. When the wind is blowing out of the west 25 to 45 mph you’re mesmerized with the pounding waves and the surf, kite boarders. Most mornings during the summer a sailboat will leave the harbor headed north or south to new port and you wonder who they are where they are going. Anyway Biscuit and I will be out there tomorrow morning thinking about something.














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Judy in Grand Blanc

Great thoughtful pictures…:)

susan gits

Very cool, Boathouse pic

Fred Schultz

Every day I can’t look out on the beautiful lake except through your eyes. Some days, that’s good enough. Thanks buddy.

Jim Burnham

Thank you, Fred!

John Frank

The other month a friend of mine said he often hears people say something like “If I had my life to live over again I would do it differently!” Well, no, he said; if he had his life to live over he would start out as the same young, naïve, inexperienced, reckless and impulsive young whippersnapper he was the first time around and certainly would make the same or similar mistakes.
(Now if I could start over again but somehow with benefit of the storehouse of wisdom gained the first time . . .)


You are a lucky man ….and dog!!!

paul kahn

And many others of us who can’t be there, will stare at your pictures and share the same thoughts….day after day. Just like we have done for years. Thanks Keith