Vol XV #200 – Leland Skyline

Report #5310 Photo: LR_12-14-15

LR 10-14-2015

6:00 am ~ 46° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: Calm ~ Humidity:84%
Sunrise is at 7:57 am ~ Ave. Low is 41° ~ Record Low is 29° (2006)
3:00 pm. ~ 51° ~Sunny ~ Wind: W SW at 13 gusting to 21 mph ~ Humidity 53%
Sunset is at 7:00 pm ~ Ave. High is 58° ~ Record High is 81° (1995) 
Moonphase: New ~ Pressure:29.92 in ~ Dew Point: 39° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles
Daylight: 11 Hrs, 3 Mns

Forecast for 10/15/2015 – Mostly Cloudy, High 58° F- Low:43° F

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The day began with “clearing in the west” and by noon another spectacular Leelanau Day.   Today’s only downside was that I lost a lens out of my glasses somewhere around Van’s Beach.  Driving home after our morning walk, I couldn’t figure out why my right eye wasn’t focusing.  Duh!, how can you not know when your lens falls out.





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Judy in Grand Blanc

Absolutely love the top pic, many levels of Fishtown! Sorry about your lense Mr. B!


Now this is my kind of skyline!


Thanks for the laugh Keith. My specialty is leaving glasses sitting on top of the car when I take my sweatshirt off and then drive away until I realize I can’t see anything.

Cynthia Church

What happened to my grandmother’s asparagus patch?

Jim Burnham

We don’t know, where was it?


Thanks Keith for the Biscuit photo!!