Vol XV #258 – The AM Wind Gusting to 35 mph

Report #5368 Photo: LR_12-11-15

LR 12-11-2015

6:00 am ~ 44° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: W SW at 16 gusting to 32 mph ~ Humidity:71%
Sunrise is at 8:11 am ~ Ave. Low is 24° ~ Record Low is -2° (1995)
3:30 pm. ~ 43° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: West at 11 mph~ Humidity:71%
Sunset is at 5:01 pm ~ Ave. High is 36° ~ Record High is 51° (1990) 
Moonphase: New ~ Pressure: .29.78 in ~ Dew Point: 34° ~ Visibility:10 Miles
Daylight: 8 Hrs, 50Mns

Forecast for 12/12/2015 – Cloudy, High:45° F- Low: 41° F


 The wind overnight sounded like a freight train roaring through.  Gusts of 54 mph caused a brief power out that made the clock flash on and off.  Outside of that, Christmas is only two weeks away and there is no snow. 

Getting over to the shoreline to take a picture wasn’t the easiest, but it’s part of the job.  A good gust of wind can knock me off these old legs of mine. 



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Lisa Goranson
Lisa Goranson
8 years ago

What a beautiful photo of Biscuit. Shows off his gentle soul and love of Leland.

Amy McIntire
Amy McIntire
8 years ago

Biscuits tail is all puffed up!!! Is that the wind?

Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
8 years ago

Glad you held your ground against the howls, great pictures Mr. B! Thanks!

Harry P
Harry P
8 years ago

I love when the big winds blow off Big Blue. I suspect it’s because I’m only ever Up North on vacation… I probably wouldn’t care for it too much if I lived there year-round. I wouldn’t mind finding out someday, though.