Vol XVI # 005 – Visibility 1 Mile

Report #5481 Photo: LR_4-3-16


LR 04-03-2016

6:00 am ~ 23° ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: W NW at 10 mph  ~ Humidity:61%
Sunrise is at 7:19 am ~ Ave. Low is 28° ~ Record Low is 10° (1995)
3:30 pm ~ 26° ~ Snow ~ Wind: E SE at 6 mph ~ Humidity: 83%
Sunset is at 8:14 pm ~ Ave. High is 48° ~ Record High is 69° (1981) 
Moonphase: Waning Crescent ~ Pressure: 29.81 in ~ Dew Point: 23° ~ Visibility:0.3 Miles  
Daylight: 12 Hrs 55 min

Forecast for 4/4/16 – Mostly Cloudy – High: 29° – Low: 20°

Vol XVI # 004 - A April Snow Day
Vol XVI # 006 - Meggen's Monday



Another clipper with on and off snow.  Just when you think it’s over… it ain’t





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Judy in Grand Blanc

Love the pictures, especially the top dark sky with boat at center, can’t remember the name tho!

Jim Burnham

That is the tribal fishing boat “Waabi-Maang” which is Ojibwe for “White Loon”

harold schwendeman
Keith – It’d probably be mean to tell you that out here in the PNW, we’ve hit 70 deg.+ the last two days and looks like today will be the same, and maybe Perry Como was right about “the bluest skies, etc, etc”……but then I’ll bet daughter “Mar” has been giving you “the business” about our great weather here lately, and I’m not sure how to spell “neener, neaner, neener” anyway, so I won’t say it,……but I have noticed that you haven’t lately referred to your “land of delight” as you quite often do! To be fair about it tho’,… Read more »