Vol XVI – #123 – A Nice Day For a Boatride

Report #5597 Photo: LR_7-30-16


LR 07-30-2016

6:00 am ~ 62° ~ Sunny ~ Wind: E NE at 6 mph ~ Humidity:58%
Sunrise is at 6:12 am ~ Ave. Low is 58° ~ Record Low is 49° (1997)
4:30 pm – 78° ~ Fair ~ Wind: North at 17 mph ~ Humidity: 53 %
Sunset is at 9:26 pm ~ Ave. High is 80° ~ Record High is 92° (1999)
Moonphase: Waning Crescent ~ Pressure:30.02 in ~ Dew Point: 61° ~ Visibility: 5 Miles
Daylight: 14 Hrs 46 Mns
Forecast for 7/31/16 – Partly Cloudy – High: 78° – Low: 60°


Hard to miss is the new cottage being built on Cemetery Point.  All the guest rooms have a great view of the Leland Yacht Club sailboat races.  After it’s finished, hopefully it will be included in a future House Walk



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Shirl Ches
Shirl Ches
7 years ago

Years ago I was told that back in the 1920’s, one of the big log “cottages” on Northport Point, built by my grandpa Ole Fredrickson & his crew of builders, had 17 bedrooms with a adjoining baths – and one was for the dog!
I don’t know which “Cottage”, nor do I know if it was true, but back in the day, the tale was the source of many a grin. Yaaa’, sure – – a ‘cottage’, eh?!
Perhaps the term ‘cottage’ is what put the grin on Biscuits face!!??

Larry Howell
Larry Howell
7 years ago

Cottage? Where I come from, this would be called a Mansion!