Vol XVI – #143 – The Chameleon House

Report #5617 Photo: LR_8-19-16


LR 08-19-2016

5:20 am ~ 72° ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: S SW at 7 mph  ~ Humidity:72%
Sunrise is at 6:50 am ~ Ave. Low is 57° ~ Record Low is 37° (2000)
6:02 pm – 76° ~  Cloudy ~ Wind: West at 10 mph ~ Humidity: 77 %
Sunset is at 8:42 pm ~ Ave. High is 78° ~ Record High is 91° (1983)
Moonphase: Waning Gibbous~ Pressure: 29.83 in ~ Dew Point: 67° ~ Visibility:10 Miles
Daylight: 13 Hrs 52 Mns
Forecast for 8/20/16 – Thunderstorms – High: 77° – Low: 63°

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A visit to the Chameleon House today after a visit to the eye doctor and drops.   I don’t know what to say….




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Sara Leeland
Sara Leeland

…and you could say that it echos the shape/lines of the fishnet racks in Leland’s fishtown!

Sara Leeland
Sara Leeland

I do love the view from the top of that house…..and, as I’ve driven by, wondered who had the audacity to build it. Thanks for the post!


Looks like a miniature prison to me.

John Frank
John Frank

When an under-construction photo was featured on the Report a dozen or so years ago I commented disapprovingly on it- largely from my vantage point as a preservationist concerned with the historic character of the region. But with the passage of time I am more in admiration of the vision and creativity displayed by the owners and architect. There is an interesting article on the owners’ rationale here:
mynorth.com/2008/08/the-chameleon-house-perch-above-lake-michigan .
John Frank