Vol XVII – #021 – When We Were a Couple of Kids

Report #5856 Photo: LR_4-19-17

When We Were A Couple of Kids

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(Report by Jim) Coming in a little late today, I know. Keith is slowly recovering. We haven’t had an Erhardt Peters day in a while, so I thought I would show some that we rarely see. The first photo may or may not be of EP as a kid. I can’t say for sure if the title was auto-biographical or not. I can’t even say if the fishing or school shot was taken in Leland or not (but I know the bridge one is for sure). Odds are pretty good, though. I doubt any of these kids are still with us, they would be really old now as this was 1920’s-30’s. Being a kid in Leland is the best, I have to say. I may have grown up in the advent of video games and did spend a bit of my time playing them over the Summer. But I spent most of my time outside. I ran the breakwall. I dialed “UNCLE” on the Mercantile payphone to make it ring back on unsuspecting “fudgies”. And these kids probably hung out at the beach like I did, trying to body surf the waves. Yes, “when we were a couple of kids” sums it up.





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Judy in Grand Blanc

Fun pictures Jim!

Tom Gillem

Missing you, Keith. Hope you get well soon.

Jeff in Paw Paw

Thanks for the look back. Great stuff.

susan gits

It is nice to know that even back then, sisters had to wear matching dresses.
Get well, Mr. B.

John Frank

And I’d guess the three boys who lived on farms wore bib overalls and the three boys who lived in town didn’t.