Vol XVII – #020 – The Tax Man Cometh

Report #5855 Photo: LR_4-18-17

JF5 8684b

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(Report by Jim) If you haven’t started your taxes, better get on it! The weather has also been pretty taxing lately as has been the bug Keith is currently battling with. He thanks everyone for their well wishes! The photos today are from back when I was up there last month. We have an exciting project in progress related to the dredging. More on that later. We are probably going to call the snow gauge contest this weekend. Weather is looking pretty mild for the next week. We will notify the winners when we make the decision.

JF5 8679b



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Weslee Knapp
Weslee Knapp
7 years ago

I Love this post!

Jeff in Paw Paw
Jeff in Paw Paw
7 years ago

Nobody will be calling me because I LOST. I blame Michigan winters. Looking forward to next year, though. I’ll get scientific.