Vol XVII – #022 – What Lies Beneath

Report #5857 Photo: LR_4-20-17


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Vol XVII - #021 - When We Were a Couple of Kids
Vol XVII - #023 - Diversions, Reflections, Cheese, Spörck and Snow

(Report by Jim)  This image is from 2/28/2012. Old shipwreck wood on none other than Van’s Beach. But it’s covered up now. Lake Michigan was pretty low on this date. From the year 2000 through 2012, the level of Lake Michigan and Huron was below the historical mean level after being at a 10 year high in 1998. In 2013 it hit a record low. Source: http://www.lre.usace.army.mil/Portals/69/docs/GreatLakesInfo/docs/WaterLevels/LTA-GLWL-Graph.pdf

When lake levels are low, you’ll find treasures like this along the Sleeping Bear Shoreline. It’s a good excuse to go out and take a walk.



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4 years ago

It’s a relief to know that our earth can repair itself all on it’s own. Just like a living cell. Our earth will not be daunted by something called global warming. Low water levels or high water levels. Our earth is always cleaning itself. We’re in good hands.

Anchor Cottage
Anchor Cottage
4 years ago

There use to be an old skeleton of a hull washed up on Whale Back. Fred Roth and I walked down to look at it around 1987. Anyone else remember seeing it?