Vol XVII – #143 – Meggen’s Monday – Eclipse Day

Report #5979 Photo: LR_8-21-17
TLR-20170821-cannery Light-7773

Fresnel Lens Catches the Light, Glen Haven Cannery


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The sunset mid-week last week caught the light through the Fresnel lens at the Cannery at Glen Haven. It’s this sort of alignment, with light shining through a transparent object at just the right angle, that brings to mind another alignment that many will seek to see on Monday: the solar eclipse. (Meggen is in the totality zone today, equipped with solar filters. Weather permitting, there’ll be photos to share at a later date.)

Wherever you are, I encourage you to pause during the eclipse and look at the reflected light (especially if you don’t have access to solar glasses): a pinhole camera, or the eclipse filtered through leaves on a tree (or through a colander) can produce the crescent image on the ground or wall in front of you when the sun is to your back. Please use good judgment when looking directly at the sun, even with appropriate eye protection, and limit the duration of direct viewing. Above all, enjoy the day!  

ImageSolar Eclipse at Totality, as seen from St. Louis






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6 years ago

The photos are always special. Thanks.