Vol XVIII – #40 – Stay In Your Lane

Report #6200 Photo:

LR 05-08-2018

Widget not in any sidebars


Welcome to Greater Downtown Leland’s 5 Lane Thruway.

Fishtown is getting ready for the Charter Fishing season.




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6 years ago

The Michigan DOT is wrecking M22! Last year they rebuilt M22 from M204 to about 669 and added thousands of feet of guardrails along with reflectors every 200-300 feet. Now they added pavement marking to town that looks like it belongs in Lansing. How sad they are screwing up what was a very nice road.

Bobbie Collins
Bobbie Collins
6 years ago

Did the guys in the striping truck do this in the dark? I’ll likely need an aid to navigation to drive or bike Main Street. 😉

Pat O
Pat O'Rourke
6 years ago
Reply to  Bobbie Collins

Looks like SB traffic wanting to turn left onto Pearl will have to stop in the Thru lane and block sb traffic because of the double yellow lines.