Vol XVIII – #205 – Revisiting Kehl Lake and Pierce Stocking Drive

Report #3366 Photo: LR_10-27-2018

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(Report by Jim)

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Last time I was up at Kehl Lake up near Woosley Airport was May after the last major snow of the year was running off. The lake was really high and the boardwalk at the end was practically submerged. I heard Loons and the trees across the lake were sprouting new green leaves. Today, in the trailing side of Autumn color, the color was still nice if the sun was still playing hide and seek (mostly hide). Today, the lake was low and I was able to get down to the beach where I found deer and bear tracks. At the least, it was an animal with huge feet and long claws. Pierce Stocking was also nice, but fairly crowded with the leaf peepers making one last ditch effort to get their color in. The clouds over Lake Michigan were at their usual peak.

On Manitou Trail on the North end of the lake is a flaming red Japanese Maple tree that just doesn’t feel it’s time to go, just yet.

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Happy Birthday today to the youngest oldest sister I have Julie Burnham!
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