Vol XVIII – #309 – Lighthouses From a Different Angle

Report #3468 Photo: LR_2-9-2019
 DNE6005 LR190209

Grand Haven Light

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Vol XVIII - #308 - Close Call and a Breakwall
Vol XVIII - #310 - Meggen's Monday on Tuesday
 DNE5772 LR190209

Point Betsie Light

Report by Jim
aturday, I took M22 and M31 down the whole state up to 196. Stopped at Pt. Betsie, Grand Haven, and Muskegon. Another first, as I have never visited these lighthouses in the winter. Lots of people applauded me for wearing chains on my shoes, as they slipped and slid all around the ice-covered walkway.

 DNE5963 LR190209

Ice fishing in Muskgegon

 DNE6039 LR190209

The other side of Grand Haven Light

 DNE5978 LR190209

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John Frank
John Frank
3 years ago

The engineer in me always worries about the ability of the structures to support the weight of the ice. Apparently the lighthouse designers knew that 32 cubic feet of ice weighs a ton!

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
3 years ago

Love your composition in every pic!

3 years ago

Always impressive photos!