Vol XVIII – #310 – Meggen’s Monday on Tuesday

Report #3469 Photo: LR_2-11-2019
Ice Reflection Leland-9002

Looking toward Leland from Bohemian Beach

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Vol XVIII - #309 - Lighthouses From a Different Angle
Vol XVIII - #311 - Sunday From and For Our Fans

Ice Water Reflection Pyramid-8980
here is something magical about a glass-calm winter’s day. It might not stay calm, but the reflection along the water becomes rather pronounced. I believe we are off to a “normal” (school-in-session) Monday. 


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Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
3 years ago

Great pics Meggen!

Bob Sawyer
Bob Sawyer
3 years ago

Where are you guys??? Last post received on the 12th.

John Frank
John Frank
3 years ago

Winter provides a time of unique beauty, enhanced for we’uns by the skillful and artistic photography of Keith, Jim and Meggen. It is also a time for contemplation, personal restoration, and the anticipation of rebirth in the spring (only five weeks away!).
Thanks for venturing out for the pictures!