Vol XVIII – #308 – Close Call and a Breakwall

Report #3467 Photo: LR_2-8-2019

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Report by Jim
hanks to Geno Miller for letting me camp on his lawn this afternoon to catch a few shots of his view. The ice in the water creates streaks that his Dad used to call “oil slicks”. Well, 10 degrees with a 25mph wind made for some chilly below-zero-windchill shots on the breakwall, but I’m glad I ventured out because I would not have seen the weird circular ice ball patterns. I recommend NOBODY venture out on the breakwall or the ice mountains due to the danger of falling through. I wore ice cleats on the breakwall and I’ve been on it enough to know where to step. Just hang out on shore.

 DNE5607 LR190208-2 DNE5671 LR190208-2

Earlier, we were visited by a local tree. Probably a friend of the previous one that tried to get in. This one failed to get in as well, but it did scare the tar out of me.

20190208 114301 LR190208-2


2018-19Snowfall 20190111

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John Frank
John Frank
4 years ago

Those stunning circular ice ball patterns are amazing!

Anne C Slater
Anne C Slater
4 years ago
Reply to  John Frank

Jim: are THEY what Gene Miller’s father called “oil slicks”???? Or did I miss that? Fascinating whatever they are

Catryna Loos
Catryna Loos
4 years ago

Love all the photos today especially the first one ! Thanks so much. We too have had close calls with trees recently, so I know how scary it can be !

Dick, in Rankin
4 years ago

Jim, you’re certainly a nervy individual!
Thank you for doing that for us less brave.
That tree would have scared more than tar out of me.