Vol XVI # 048 – Meggen’s Monday

One thing about cool temperatures is that flowers last a long time, which is delightful! Top photo today was a result of searching for northern lights and finding moonlit clouds instead. Thirty-second exposure: the streak on the horizon on the left side is the 767′ Cason J Callaway heading north.       

Vol XVI # 047 – Looks Nice, But Doesn’t Feel Nice

Brrr… Winter returned with wind out of the north and near freezing temperatures with snow showers.  The sky opened up around noon and turned a beautiful blue.  Fishtown looked picture postcard good except there were no visitors.  Sunday afternoon on a sun shinny day in May and there ain’t nobody there.      

Vol XVI # 046 – Wind, Rain and Then the Sun Came Out

A wintery beginning with rain, wind and dark skies.  Not a nice morning at all.  Falling Waters had a full house with guests for a Leland wedding, hopefully not on the beach. And then the skies began to clear at noon and the sun took over.  The wind dominated the beach scene and kites began to fly.  What kind of a… Read more »

Vol XVI # 045 – Friday the 13th

  A cloudy startup with interesting patterns.  Crossing the bridge over the Carp River I saw today’s main picture.  Looking west out over Fishtown there was blue sky. Late morning provided that sunshine to bask in.  But, it’s still Spring and it changes by the hour if not the minute.  Tomorrow the forecast promises cooler air with rain or snow showers… Read more »

Vol XVI # 043 – Getting Ready For Summer

  The day began overcast and cloudy with the prospect of rain, but instead the sun came out mid afternoon and suddenly it was 70 degrees. Leland as well as the rest of the county is getting ready for summer. The shops that are closed for the winter are being prepared for the new season. The Dam Candy Shop will… Read more »

Vol XVI # 042 – Back to Earth

We had a busy day in the Big City by the Bay and on our way passed this old barn that was on it’s way.  I took the picture above in 2002 and mused about the possibility that jimmy Hoffa might be in the  Cadillac’s trunk.  The Cadillac has been gone for many years and it won’t be long and… Read more »