Vol XVI # 021 – A Land of Delight Kinda Day

After a couple of warm wake-ups, this am’s chilly air wasn’t the best, but that’s one of the problems with this time of year, you get a couple of Summer days and then it’s back to Spring. The wispy white clouds and the color of Big Blue highlighted this days beauty. We have exited from a relatively easy Winter and are enjoying how 2016… Read more »

Vol XVI # 020 – Meggen’s Monday

  On Sunday afternoon, Joel Petersen took the Joy out for the first time since its compete overhaul, and said he was more than satisfied with how it handles now with the higher rails and resulting added weight in the stern. We are looking forward to the season’s whitefish catch… especially since spring has arrived, and with it, eagerness to… Read more »

Vol XVI # 019 – On A Day Like Today You Can…

On a day like today you could do anything you wanted to do.  It was summertime in Leelanau County.   Bicycles and motorcycles shared the roadways.  There was a group sunning in chairs on South Beach mid-morning.  It was a day to clean the garage.      

Vol XVI # 016 – What A Nice Day It Turned Out To Be

To todays pictures are of soon to be occupied spaces.  More and more people are returning to Leelanau County from winter hideaways. Still a few pockets of snow here and there.   Below is the latest posting of the Snow Report. It must be reported that the “Maple City” total is correct, but does not match the Leelanau Enterprises total.  On two occasions, the weeks… Read more »

Vol XVI # 015 – Weather the Website Worries

Managing a website has it’s good days, then there there was today.  The site is going to look a little different for a short time. Maybe I’ll leave it like this. Going straight to lelandreport.com (for those of you who use shortcuts on your computer) will show you a list of recent posts. However, the links in the emails will… Read more »

Vol XVI # 014 – Warmup in Two Days They Say

There is some hope of Spring making a return in a couple of days, 60’s by the weekend they say.  Anyway, that’s what they say, it’s always 2 days away, never tomorrow.  A brisk northwest wind made 33 degrees feel much colder this morning on the beach.  Biscuit and I made it over to North Beach at noontime, it’s been… Read more »