Vol XV #268 – Meggen’s Monday

Above average temperatures dominate the weather news. Usually at this time of year, a white weather pattern involves snow rather than fog. But rainy fog is what we have – where the familiar shoreline disappears into a bank of misty white. Meanwhile behind the scenes, the Joy is being fitted with rails that are about eight inches higher. The fishermen… Read more »

Vol XV #267 – the Shortest Day

Above picture from this date in 2013.  With the temperature over 40 and at the moment sun shining, there isn’t going to be any snow left when this day ends, even in Suttons Bay.  Tomorrow, rain.  Back in the 1950’s, my wife along with many other Lelanders took ski lessons with Peppi Teichner at Sugar Loaf Mt. and in the 60’s, 70’s… Read more »

Vol XV #265 – Winter Wonderland

Hey out there… pack your skies and head to… maybe Telluride, cause it’s just not snowing that hard here, but it is snowing.   So far we have gotten a dusting of the white stuff, enough to have Leif put on his winter garb after yesterdays change.     Click here to enter the 2016 Snow Gauge contest! Win a custom… Read more »

Vol XV #264 – A Windy Day Again I’d Say

Another one of those windy days except for the direction.  Same views as yesterday with a more dynamic lake, both sight and sound.  Actually the wind is blowing about 10 mph less than yesterday but from a different direction.  What difference a day makes, especially if the wind changes direction.       Click here to enter the 2016 Snow… Read more »

Vol XV #263 – A Beautiful Day in Spite of it all

Hard to believe that with the wind gusting to 32 mph, Big Blue is flat as a pancake and as green as a shamrock, but it is.  Had a couple of seconds of sunshine tossed in with a little bit of rain.  The weather people are telling us that snow is on it’s way, but not today.     Below is our… Read more »

Vol XV #262 – Raindrops, Snowflakes, Sunshine, Clouds and Pockets of Blue

A dark beginning to the morning with a light rain and later, large snowflakes.  Around noon, peek-a-boo sunshine with billowing white clouds becoming overcast and then cloudy.  Biscuit and I arrived in Fishtown to the sound of pounding waves against the break wall.  What kind of a day is it?…  It’s an Everything kind of day.   Click here to enter… Read more »

Vol XV #261 – Meggen’s Monday

  I went out  Friday morning to see the three freighters that are proving Good Harbor Bay true to its name. Strong winds caused the Great Republic, Algoma Navigator, and Algosoo (L to R) to stop here overnight.    Click here to enter the 2016 Snow Gauge contest! Win a custom Leif Spork tile!  

Vol XV #260 – A Rainy Sunday in December

 The morning began sounding like a war zone with lightning and thunder which actually shook the house. A rainy, sometimes heavy, morning which makes it tough to do our Biscuit thing.  It will probably take all day to dry him off.  Click here to enter the 2016 Snow Gauge contest! Win a custom Leif Spork tile!