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Vol. XX – #216 – Windy Blast From the Past

(Report by Jim) I hear it’s been pretty stormy up in the county this week, especially today with lots of power outages! I hope everyone is safe and with some sort of backup power, or a warm fireplace. Here are some unpublished favorites from other Novembers on the Leland Report. When it gets windy, I hit the breakwall. But these… Read more »

Vol XIX – #330 -Blues and Reds

If you are looking for ice castles, this is about the best you’ll get. (It’s an optical trick, they aren’t more than 1″ high). Empire Beach is in the process of getting some final blocks added to the edge of the parking lot. The waves are currently hitting the new steel wall. These are part of the old Empire Lumber… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #161 – View From Another Bridge

      The sun is rising over Leland when Biscuit and I arrive each morning. Mid September, it’s still dark when we get to Fishtown, our first stop before we go over to Van’s Beach.  We return at half past noon for Biscuit’s treat, fish sausage.                  

Vol XVIII – #158 – Meggen’s Monday

  This weekend was a great time to take advantage of being outside. Especially if you find an unoccupied bench in the national park, and spend a few minutes taking in the view and the crisp, not-so-humid-anymore air. This bench is up the Bayview Trail, either from the trailhead on Thoreson Road, or from the new grassy Heritage Trail parking… Read more »