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Vol. XX – #216 – Windy Blast From the Past

(Report by Jim) I hear it’s been pretty stormy up in the county this week, especially today with lots of power outages! I hope everyone is safe and with some sort of backup power, or a warm fireplace. Here are some unpublished favorites from other Novembers on the Leland Report. When it gets windy, I hit the breakwall. But these… Read more »

Vol XVI – #279 – Meggen’s Monday

    Sharing glimpses of New Year’s Day, at the mouth of the harbor, the narrows, and sunset at the north end of Route 651. May your 2017 be filled with glimpses of beauty on a regular basis!        The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow Gauge Contest has closed. Good luck to everyone who entered!  The 2017 Leland Report Calendar is… Read more »

Vol XVI – #146 – Meggen’s Monday

  This morning, the harbor flew a small craft advisory pennant. The Manitou Passage is likely to be rough, even if it doesn’t appear too bad from shore. I always enjoy looking out at the islands no matter what’s going on with the wind, rain, and sunshine. Today as they often do, the tips of the islands seem to float… Read more »

Vol XV #277 – The Day Before the Last Day of the Year

I couldn’t make it to my usual destination, South Fishtown, because of the depth of snow… so I ventured over to South Beach.  I walked in the footprints of previous visitors.  That’s probably the way I will travel on foot for the rest of the winter, walking in other peoples footprints. The Leelanau County Road Commission gets our applause for the great job… Read more »

Vol XV #275 – Meggen’s Monday

Reflecting on a mild sunset in late December, accompanied by the kind of wind chill that makes your eyes water. According to the weatherman, this afternoon we’re supposed to see snow. This morning I startled the herd above. Below are a few photos of the model trains set up for the holidays by the Northern Michigan Railroad Club: several rooms full… Read more »