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Vol XXII – #40 – Merry Christmas

  Merry Christmas from everyone in the Leland Report orbit to yours!    The 2023 Leland Report Calendar is currently at the printers and I expect to ship by the end of this October. We no longer post every day, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have images to share. We thank you for your support as you make this… Read more »

Vol XVII – #267 – A Merry Christmas Eve

(Report by Jim) The Christmas Eve family party was a Riverside IL thing for as long as I can remember. As my cousins moved northward one by one, the tradition moved to Leland (and to Northport this year). It’s what we all have in common going back four generations (depending on who you ask). So, from our family to yours,… Read more »

Vol XVI – #270 – ‘Twas the Night before Christmas

…and all through the house everyone was stirring, including the Biscuit. With our cousins, nieces and nephews together for a traditional Christmas Eve party. It looks like the lake is iced over, but this goes out only 20-30 feet. Might be gone by Monday with temps in the 40s.  Photos today by Jim Burnham The 2017 Leland Report Calendar is now… Read more »