Vol. XX – #254- From Up High

Report #4100 Photo: LR-2-1-2021

DJI 0956

Partly Cloudy
6:04 am9:31 pm EDT
Feels like: 70°F
Wind: 10mph W
Humidity: 76%
Pressure: 30.02"Hg
UV index: 8

Vol. XX - #253- Palmer Woods and Ice Boating
Vol. XX - #255- Still In the Air

DJI 0958(Report by Jim)
I read someone spotted a sunken sailboat in Nedows Bay so I headed out at lunch to see if I could find it with the drone, but no luck. I think it was a red herring! But it wasn’t a total loss as the frozen lake is sporting some cool abstract patterns. I saw some people skating out pretty far from shore, but I wouldn’t recommend that unless you stay fairly close to shore. Weather is warming up with some sunshine for the next couple days, so be careful! DJI 0951

DJI 0953

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Dick, in Rankin
1 year ago

Quite fascinating! You dun good!

Becky Auer
Becky Auer
1 year ago

Amazing to see the ice patterns from the drone. Beautiful!

Sally Biggs
Sally Biggs
1 year ago

Yes! Be careful! Three iceboats thru the ice yesterday at south end of north lake. No injuries. But beautiful days so very tempting to be out there.