Vol XV #125 – Wine Tasting You Can Boat To

Report #5235 Photo: LR7- 31-15

 LR 07-31-15

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Daylight: 14 Hrs 44 Mns

Forecast for 8/1/2015 – Partly Cloudy,  High: 80° F – Low: 64° F

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Boathouse Winery has a great outdoor tasting area that can be accessed by boat.  And while you’re there enjoy the view.

I passed by the, for better words, the “Steelcase House” last evening on the way to Northport.  On August, 22, 2004, I featured it on the Leland Report not knowing exactly what it was I made fun of it.  I was taken to task by the owner and by one of our favorite Historical Architects for being satirical of the structure.  I honestly at the time had no idea of what it’s purpose was.  Since it’s completion I’ve always believed that if it had been placed somewhere along the shoreline out of sight, it would be a great retreat. It now stands alone on the side of the road abandoned, vacant and for sale.  I believe I still have a video tape recording of a half hour TV show that showcased the home.  I hope it can be home to some family in the near future.. 


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Hope everyone is ok as saw the FB posts from my parents at DH Day.

Lisa G. Chicago

I just called Fischers Happy Hour Tavern and they said they haven’t moved.

Lisa G.

Help!!!!!….. It’s mentioned on the “A, B, C, D’s” . Why no details on the “D” of where the new location of Fischers Happy Hour Tavern is now located?????????????? I have to know. Please, someone respond with an answer to this question !!!!!! We’re coming in September and we MUST know where Fischers is located!!! HELP!

Jim Burnham

What is the “A, B, C, D’s”?


Jim, in the first picture above of the steelcase house, there is an “A, B, C, D” list of topics.One of which states the “new location for Fischers Happy Hour Tavern”- FYI.

Jim Burnham

That was a joke quiz when the house was first being built. “See if you can guess what this is”. 🙂

C. Patton

the house is far from abandoned, but it is for sale, The listing pictures may be found by putting MLS 1799720 in your search box. Hope it finds a family soon.


Interesting building. I suspect it would be a bear to heat in the winter.

No. 1 Son

Maybe a Minecraft fan will buy it.


Hopefully there is an Open House from 2-4 this Sunday so I can stroll thru it!!! I kid, of course…why would I come off the beach.