Vol XVI – #164 – Oh Say Can I See…

Report #5638 Photo: LR_9-9-16


LR 09-09-2016

6:00 am ~ 64° ~ Clear  – Wind: Southeast at 1 mph ~ Humidity:92%
Sunrise is at 7:15 am ~ Ave. Low is 52° ~ Record Low is 37° (1995)
10:45 am – 70° ~Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: Southeast at 8 mph ~ Humidity: 72 %
Sunset is at 8:04 pm ~ Ave. High is 73° ~ Record High is 91° (2002)
Moonphase: First Quarter ~ Pressure:29.98 in ~ Dew Point: 60° ~ Visibility: 10 Mile
Daylight: 12 Hrs 49 Mns
Forecast for 9/10/16 – Thunderstorms  – High: 69° – Low: 58°

Vol XVI - #163 - The Eyes Have It in Morning
Vol XVI - #165 - Splish Splash


What can I say…  “I see” said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.  Drove to town this morning and could actually see the cars coming toward me in the shadow of the roadside trees.  Just kidding, but the differences from yesterday to this morning are significant.  This is especially true as I was wearing sunglasses and never could before because I couldn’t see objects in the distance.

Anyway it’s a whole new world of color and brightness and in two weeks the other eye.



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Miss D in Holland

Cataract surgery is one of the marvels of modern medicine. It makes so many lives so much better. Happy for your success!

Judy in Grand Blanc

So glad it went well and you can see the little things again!

Amy McIntire

Happy that all went well for you!!! Its a brand new day!

John Frank

I’m delighted it went well. Mine went so well I no longer need eyeglasses, except for focusing on close work or reading extremely small print in dim light. (But I wear eyeglasses anyway because me lady friend says I look better in glasses.) 🙂

Jeff in Paw Paw

The Report is particularly colorful today.


So glad all went well! Your ‘eye’ for color has always been spot on for me & now for you even better!!
Best wishes for a healthy & speedy recovery!!! And, best of luck in two weeks!!!!

Bill Hahn, down south near Chelsea
Bill Hahn, down south near Chelsea

Hi Keith: I’m delighted that all went well and the world is clear and bright again. I sadly recall my memories of older folks who spent their later years as blind people. I’m looking forward to “see” how this event relates to your unique and excellent product. All Blessings, Bill Hahn

Joan Seibenick

So happy for you!!!