Vol XVIII – #157 – Sandhill Cranes, Sand and Hills

Report #6317 Photo: LR_9-9-2018

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(Report by Jim)

This is my last report for the month. I have been taking US31 and M22 up and down to/from Illinois for the last couple months because I have missed so much coming up 131 over the years.  On the way down, I took Thoreson Rd, which if you drive up from Glen Arbor, it’s that steep dirt road that goes up and off to the left. I’ve always wanted to see what was up there and I was not disappointed! In the photo above, I listened to some Sandhill Cranes talking to each other (video below). The last photo was taken in Frankfort where I was looking for something I lost on the way up.

JF8 5281
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5 months ago

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No. 1 Son
5 years ago

Very cool.

Catryna J Loos
Catryna J Loos
5 years ago

Love the Sandhill sound ! Thank you !!

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
5 years ago

Jim, you did your “cloud thing” in #1!
Did you find your lost item?