Vol XVI – #183 – Nothing But Blue Sky Do I See

Report #5657 Photo: LR_9-28-16

LR 09-28-2016

6:00 am ~ 54° ~ Cloudy – Wind: S SE at 2 mph ~ Humidity: 90%
Sunrise is at 7:38 am ~ Ave. Low is 45° ~ Record Low is 28° (2000)
3:45 pm – 57° ~ Fair ~ Wind: N NE at 10 mph ~ Humidity: 57%
Sunset is at 7:28 pm ~ Ave. High is 65° ~ Record High is 78° (1983)
Moonphase: Waning Crescent ~ Pressure: 30.07in ~ Dew Point: 49° ~ Visibility:10 Miles
Daylight: 11 Hrs 50 Mns
Forecast for 9/29/16 – Rain – High: 69° – Low: 58°


It’s been a couple of dark and windy days but blue sky do I see.  Looking north from South Beach you can see the beach covered with stones, a rocker’s paradise.  All created by the strong wind driven waves crashing against the bluff wall.  The ladder shows how high that wall has been formed.  The picture below shows how the shoreline has been reconfigured.  


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Miss D in Holland
Miss D in Holland
7 years ago

I love walking the beach after a big blow. You never know what you might find!

Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
7 years ago

Wow, amazing what some wind can do…great pics Mr. B!