Vol XVI – #260 – The Wind Again !

Report #5730 Photo: LR_12- 14-16

LR 12-14-2016

6:00 am ~ 19° ~ Cloudy – Wind: W SW at 21 gusting to 30 mph ~ Humidity: 76%
Sunrise is at 8:14 am ~ Ave. Low is 21° ~ Record Low is  -5° (1937)

3:00 pm – 16° ~ Cloudy ~ Wind: West at 18 gusting to to 40 mph ~ Humidity: 73%

Sunset is at 5:02  pm ~ Ave. High is 32° ~ Record High is 60° (2015) 

Moonphase: Full ~ Pressure: 29.92 in ~ Dew Point: 8° ~ Visibility: 8 Miles
Daylight: 8 Hrs 48 Mns
Forecast for 12/15/16 – Snow – High: 19° – Low: 16°


Tried getting to the shoreline but the wind just  wouldn’t let me.  The picture of Biscuit below taken moments before two whitetails crossed our path and disappeared into the meadow.  


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Jeff in Paw Paw
Jeff in Paw Paw
7 years ago

Yikes! 50 mph winds. You were sure brave to try! You the man!

Laura Smiley
Laura Smiley
7 years ago

Does Biscuit chase the wildlife? My dogs would be chasing bunnies and deer. Not to mention, that I probably couldn’t keep one of them out of the lakes!

Bill Hahn, down south near Chelsea

Not quite sure, Judy, if that’s the kind of action that I like with the temp at 19 degrees and wind chill at 10. My wife and I drove to Chelsea to get her tooth fixed. There was a hazy sun as we cruised to town. She got half the job done. The crowning glory will occur in January. We then went to Chelsea’s Coney Island. Before entering the wind nearly blew my sweet to Lake Erie–down wind Within minutes a veritable blizzard began. As we enjoyed hot chicken, lemon, rice rice soup and hot coffee, nature’s show was interesting.… Read more »

Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
7 years ago

Great pics, at least there is some action in town! Stay warm Mr. B.! and Biscuit!